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What is Graphic Design?

We can start by breaking graphic design down into its individual parts: graphic & design. Graphic means to vividly or plainly show or describe something. That basically means that any image or message you see is graphic, but it may or may not be by design.

Design simply means to create something according to a plan. Not all graphic designers have a good design plan, let alone a plan at all. An example of a poor graphic design plan is shown here:

Graphic DesignSome argue that George W. Bush got some help during the 2000 election due to the poor graphic design of the Palm Beach County Voter's Ballot and, while the graphic artist probably started with a design plan geared toward helping to make the voter's choice clear, it's obvious from the finished design that the graphic designer's plan, or lack thereof, only made the choice harder for the voter to make.

As a whole, in today's business world, graphic design means the art of using visual elements, such as typography and photography, to convey information or create an effect. When properly executed, the graphic designer can create a design that not only relays the message, it can also prompt the viewer to feel certain emotions, and even motivate the viewer to take action.

A successful graphic design is not always pleasant to look at, it just needs to convey a particular message to induce a desired response. Take this sign for example:

Graphic Designer

The graphic designer of this sign had but one purpose and a simple, yet solid, design plan: warn potential intruders to not go any further. Maybe not very attractive on the eye candy scale, but a pretty effective graphic design.

So to recap, graphic design is the process of planning, organizing, and presenting information in a coherent manner to a target audience who will not only understand the message, but will react to it as well.

And whether you choose to hire a professional graphic designer to create an original design for your message or decide to use your own paint and worn out wood to achieve the desired reaction, is up to you.

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