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Why Hire a Graphic Design?

Now that we know what graphic design is, why then, should one hire a graphic designer? First and foremost, a graphic designer can create and maintain a consistent, professional look for your business, your message, and your brand. Brand recognition is so important these days, but looking like a professional, reputable business is just as important.

Unless you capture their attention, most viewers leave a web page in 5 seconds. They leave even faster if the web site looks unprofessional and if you can't get someone to look at your marketing materials, you'll never have their attention to hold in the first place. A good graphic designer can capture and hold attention. A great graphic designer can even motivate viewers to take action.Graphic Designer

Let's revisit the home-made, hand painted sign...

This sign was probably made by the landowner and probably works quite well given its location (on an old rusty fence post in the middle of nowhere) and its purpose (to warn intruders to not go any further), but what if the need for such a sign was not in such a rustic environment?

You could choose to graphic-design-it-yourself:

The graphic designer of this sign had but one purpose and a simple, yet solid, design plan: warn potential intruders to not go any further. Maybe not very attractive on the eye candy scale, but a pretty effective graphic design.

So to recap, graphic design is the process of planning, organizing, and presenting information in a coherent manner to a target audience who will not only understand the message, but will react to it as well.

And whether you choose to hire a professional graphic designer to create an original design for your message or decide to use your own paint and worn out wood to achieve the desired reaction, is up to you.

No doubt, this home-made design gets the message across, but in this type of business environment, it might be a good idea to hire a graphic designer:

The graphic designer brings a professional look via the use of a unique, bold, bright white font jumping off a bright red background that compliments the color of the complex window shutters. The designer even suggests a sturdy aluminum pole and strategic placement of the attachment screws to relay a complete, clean, and coherent message that prompts the viewer to take action.

So, which sign would you prefer in front of your business?

Granted, the graphic designer's sign is not nearly as scary as the home-made design, but the graphic designer's sign clearly achieves the desired result in a more elegant and professional manner, making it definitely worth the minimal cost to hire a graphic designer.

The choice is obvious. Even if all you want to do is scare away unwanted intruders, you may want to invest a few dollars in a graphic designer to ensure you don't scare away potential business, too.

Coming Soon: Marketing Isn't Advertising?




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