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Dale's Glossary of Graphic Design Definitions

CMYK Color
A printing industry standard for color management. Sometimes referred to as full-color or four-color printing, CMYK uses the overlapping color values for the transparent inks of Cyan (Blue), Magenta (Red), Yellow, and K (Black) to reproduce realistic color across a broad spectrum of visible colors. The CMYK spectrum of color is a subtractive color model that has a more limited spectrum of color than the RGB color model and should always be verified independently of each other when color matching is critical.
Graphic Art
The profession associated with using the fine and applied arts to represent, decorate, write, print, and publish concepts and ideas in an understandable and coherent manner to generate a desired response from the viewer.
Graphic Artist
A professional artist who specializes in organizing and designing elements and information for visual (graphic) presentation.
Graphic Design
The art or profession of manipulating design elements such as imagery, typography, and color to present information or generate a desired reaction. Not every artist is or can be a graphic designer, but not always vice versa, because every graphic designer is an artist in some form or another.
RGB Color
An additive color model where Red, Green, and Blue light are added to each other to reproduce a broad range of colors. Used for the display of computer monitor and television images, the RGB color model has a much broader spectrum of color reproduction than the CMYK model. Although RGB displays can be calibrated to approximately match the final color output of a CMYK printed piece, the color spectrums are vastly different and should never rely upon each other when color is critical.
PMS (Pantone Matching System) Color
Although PMS is a color industry standard for color matching everything from paint to cloth to plastics and more, a PMS Color usually refers to a printer's term for a standard selection of Spot Color ink swatches that can be matched consistently and accurately across platforms and output devices.
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
SEO is the process of building and adding elements to a web site to enhance the site's ability to be found when a browser performs a search for a particular targeted set of keywords and or phrases. SEO can consist of on-page content such as the headlines and body copy as well the off-page content, which can be made up from meta-tags that include the page title, description, keywords, and alt tags.
SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
SEM is a style of marketing a web site on the internet through increased visibility on search engine result pages (See SERPs) by using paid ad placement and inclusion on the SERPs.
SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages)
SERPs refers to a list of web sites and pages that are retuned to a browser in response to a keywords and or phrases search.
Spot Color
A Spot Color, sometimes referred to as a PMS color, is a subtractive color system used as a printing industry standard for color management that specifies a single color to reproduce the final printed color. A Spot Color can be used as a cost-effective alternative to CMYK color, but it also used when an exact color match is required.
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